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I post Philadelphia sprots ye and in the offseason cry about anime and video game characters.

"Achieve your mission with all your might.

Despair not until your last breath.

Make your death count!"

game suspension



Stuff I saw at the #BlueJays #Phillies game tonight …

Colby Rasmus’ DeathStare(TM) claims another victim. Poor Drew Hutchison is felled by 9th pitch jinx and has to leave game like Kyle Drabek and Brandon Morrow earlier this week. The 9th pitch is a killer :(

Cliff Lee will not share his Spitz with you.

Cliff Lee does not want you watching him eat the Spitz that he will not share with you.

Hamels hears a Who! Doc looks longingly over at the Jays dugout.

Brett Lawrie tears his pants, again. Now leads the league in fTROU.

Oh look, it’s Mike McCoy. IT’S MIIIIKE MCCOOOOOOY!!!

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